Tuesday, October 18, 2011


In my previous post I mentioned that I would be doing two Halloween tutorials for Shape.com. I already shared GoldieSwan and now I present ZombieStarling. I wanted to do an easy Zombie look using products that you could find anywhere. No prosthetics needed. I also learned an amazing Zombie Hair trick from the mega talented Sokolum79. She used conditioner in her hair to make it look like dirty well lived in hair. I highly recommend her channel and you can find it here
Now onto products used:
I paled out my face using grease paints. I bought a stack of four from Party City and supplemented the rest from the Makeup Forever Flash Palette.
I then set my face using Ben Nye's Neutral Set Powder. Any translucent powder will work.
For the open wounds I used eyelash glue. Liquid latex would also work. And then filled them in with red and black grease paints.
To finish off the look I mixed up a bit of fake blood using corn syrup and food coloring. This got extremely sticky and dripped all over my shirt. I think it really added to the look though.
For my costume I cut up an old t-shirt and sprinkled baby powder all over. I had a total blast filming this one... BRAINS!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Hey guys! Goldieswan here. In between filming a bunch of Halloween tutorials for Youtube I have also been busy filming a few videos for Shape.com. They asked me to film two videos for their site, namely a Black Swan tutorial and a Zombie tutorial inspired by AMC's Walking Dead. I am super excited to share these videos and they should be up on their site next week. I'll update this post when they're live and ready to go. I also will be on my local Fox tv station doing a live version of the Black Swan makeup next Monday. They want to do a little piece on my work and cut in and out during the broadcast as I do makeup. I am super excited and nervous at the same time. I've never done anything for tv, hopefully it will be an awesome experience! In the meantime I wanted to do a quick post on the products I used in my Black Swan tutorial. So here we go!

For the pale foundation I mixed a white foundation with my regular foundation.
Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation in RF100
Revlon Colorstay in 110 Ivory
I did use a bit of concealer to cover up any dark circles.
It! Cosmetics Bye Bye Under eye in Light
I set everything with Ben Nye's Neutral Set Powder which left my skin looking like porcelain.
On to contour, I applied Clinique's New Clover blush into the hollows of my cheeks and layered Makeup Forever's #33 Eyeshadow over it.
For the eyes I used a super black gel liner, eye drops and a silver pigment.
Inglot Matter Gel Eyeliner in #77
Sugarpill's Chromadust in Tiara
Clear Eyes Eyedrops
Black Mascara
Under the black wing shape I lightly applied a red grease paint. In the pictures I saw there seems to be a hint of red.
The lips were a bit tricky. I outlined my lips with a black eyeliner then applied Mac's Diva lipstick and patted a purple eyeshadow over the outer corners.