Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sedona Lace's Brush Set vs. Sigma's Brush Set

Hey guys! I was recently sent a set of brushes to review from Sedona Lace Cosmetics. Upon receiving them I noticed immediately how similar they were to the set from Sigma. And since Sigma is fairly well known I thought I would do a comparison between the two. As you'll see not every brush is identical but the quality is the same. So if you are looking for good brushes for a bit less than Sigma check out Sedona Lace here. For the 12 brush set (without the brush roll) Sigma charges $69.00. Sedona Lace charges $49.95 for their 12 piece set which includes a brush roll.
In the pictures below the Sigma brush is on the left and the Sedona Lace brush is on the right. You can also click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Powder Brush
As you can see from the picture these two brushes are nearly identical. Bristle length and density is very similar. The shape may appear different but I attribute that to the Sedona Lace brush being fresh from the brush roll. Both brushes when washed did bleed and shed a bit which is fairly normal and expected. I really like these for applying a setting powder over foundation.

Duo Fibre Brush
Again these two look fairly similar. The only differences I can pick up would be that the Sigma brush is slightly denser than the Sedona Lace one and that the Sigma has a slightly larger ferrel. I also experienced bleeding when I washed both of these brushes, but the Sedona Lace bled a little less. This is my go to brush for applying liquid foundation.

Angled Contour Brush
I would have to say these two are nearly identical. The only thing was that the Sedona Lace brush was VERY slighty less dense, and by VERY I mean VERY. I use this brush to apply blush and contour powders.

Foundation Brush
These two brushes are identical. I like using these style brushes to apply moisturizer especially if I am working on someone else's face.

Concealer Brush
Again no words, these are identical. I do like these brushes for appyling concealer to the face, but nothing works like your ring finger for applying it to you undereye area.

Pencil Brush
These two are definitely different. As you can see the Sigma's ferrel is slightly wider. The Sedona Lace brush is more tapered which makes it easier to work with. I mainly use these brushes for defining my crease and blending in small areas.

Tapered Blending Brush
And here we have the two brushes that are the most different. This Sigma brush is quite popular but I never reach for it. I tend to prefer looser, softer brushes for blending out color. Which is why I like the Sedona Lace brush. It's fluffier and works very well at softening lines.

Eye Shader Brush
This is one of my favorite brushes to use for packing on color and I can't see the difference between the Sigma and the Sedona Lace. Again to me these look identical.

Large Shader Brush
This is another brush where the similarities are evident. The Sedona Lace brush is wider and the brush hairs are longer. But in all honesty they work the same. I like these brushes for applying a wash of color to the lid.

Medium Angled Shader Brush
These two are different as well. As you can see the Sedona Lace brush hairs are longer. I actually prefer the Sigma brush because I primarily use it for crease work and I think the Sigma does a better job at applying the color.

Small Angle Brush
These two are super similiar. I am not a fan of this brush for eyeliner, which is what it is intended for. I think it's lines are too thick for my personal taste. But it does make an excellent brush for more artistic stuff, linework, detail etc.

Eyeliner Brush
Again I am not a fan of this brush for eyeliner. I do however LOVE it for lips. I use it all the time when I'm going for a precise lip application. And as you can tell from the picture these two brushes are identical, well minus the Sigma one is a tad stained from lip products (namely the OCC Lip Tars).

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Quick Run Down Of Hair Dye and Products

Let's face it, red hair is a PAIN to keep from fading, but I think it's a lovely color and worth the effort. It's taken me a bit of time to get the color I've wanted (we're talking months here) but that may be due to the residual black dye that was clinging to my hair for it's life. Seriously... if you are thinking about going jet black make sure to do your research and find a dye that will come out of your hair. But we're not going to delve into the pain of lifting out black dye... Instead let's paint our roses red... umm I mean hair red.

All products can be found at Sally's Beauty Supply. Everything I've listed is also available online if you don't have a Sally's near you. Be sure to check out their Beauty Club too cause it's a nice little discount that comes in handy.

Ion Color Brilliance Creme
Permanent Hair Color
Medium Intense Red Blonde
2.05 oz
(This is also available in a liquid)

Ion Sensitive Scalp 9% Developer in 30
8 oz.

Colorful Protein Color Filler
#10 Red Red
Intensifies color and can be used to refresh color
2.5 oz.

Processing Caps
3 count
Mixing Bowl
Tint Brush

Miracle 7 for Heavenly Hair
Leave in mist (conditioner)
5 oz.

Batiste Dry Shampoo Original
Refreshes hair between washes
5.3 oz.