Wednesday, November 21, 2012

MAD ABOUT MATTES: Mehron INtense Pigment Palettes

Do you see that picture up there? The one full of gorgeous colors and twenty four matte eyeshadows? TWENTY FOUR MATTE EYESHADOWS! Not just your standard matte eyeshadow either, these are cream of the crop silky smooth pans of magic. I don't say that lightly either. Matte is my favorite texture to work with, it photographs beautifully, tones done shimmer, looks good on everyone and can add believable dimension to the face. And these palettes provide a nice range of color for all the matte lovers in the world.

Mehron describes them as: "super long-lasting matte finish shadows that are edgy, bright, and sophisticated. Our pigment rich, high-performing shadows offer an essential range of intense hues and a velvety matte texture. Formulated without shimmer, these completely matte shades have an incredible silky finish which allows for amazing color payoff."

The eyeshadows are housed in these glossy plastic cases. They are super durable compared to most palettes and are really similar to the Mehron Paradise Palette packaging.

The Earth Palette consists of eight colors: Red Earth, Desert Sand, Earth Crust, Mountain Moss, Carbon, Graphite, Night Sky, and Morning Sky. Carbon is the blackest eyeshadow I have ever come across. I think this palette is the most versatile because it includes color and neutrals which make it easy to do a variety of looks.

The Wind Palette consists of eight colors: Hurricane Blue, Island Blue, Palm, Turbulent, Tornado, Solar Wind, Ocean Breeze, and Tropical Storm. These colors are so rich, they remind me of jewels.  
 The Fire Palette consists of eight colors: Ignite, Purple Heat, Fire Island, Electric Green, Pure Lightening, Hot Pink, Inferno, and Yellow Spark. This palette is for the vibrant color lovers. Some of these are even fluorescent! 

If you doubt the pigmentation check out my swatching arm... I took this after rubbing a makeup wipe over the swatches pretty vigorously.

Overall opinion: Mehron you've done mattes justice!
Where to find the palettes:
Price: $52.95 per palette (Roughly $7 an eyeshadow and these suckers are HUGE)

FTC: Products provided for review by PR. All opinions are my own.


  1. Matte and color? That awesome!


  2. I wish there was a matte neutral- pinks palette with this color payoff, I would purchase it instantly if possible (if they ship internationally) :)

  3. Love these... just wish i could afford them.

  4. Love the colours but there are so many I know I wouldn't use. I am not a "neutral" eye gal & I adore using colour everyday, just a little toned down to the colours in the Mehron palettes.

    I prefer La Femme individual eyeshadow pans because I can choose my own colours & pop them into a palette. La Femme also has a finish that I would call "satin", not completely matte with a very low sheen (NOT shimmer).

    I also love the SLEEK matte palettes. Like La Femme eyeshadows, they are creamy, intense, never powdery & very easy to blend.

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  6. Great palettes! I just discover your blog and it's awesome, I fell in love with your youtube Raven look, dreamy ^_^
    see you around darling!

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  8. gorgeous colours

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  10. How gorgeous are those colours? :D i do hope you will be posting more soon.

  11. Just found your blog! I love these palettes.

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