Friday, March 18, 2011

FaceFront Cosmetics Ouro Fino Collection

I recently received a package of goodies to review from Facefront Cosmetics. I have heard a lot about the company and was excited to see what they are all about. They sent some items from the Spring/Summer Ouro Fino collection and a few of their Artistic Pigments.

Let's start with the "Fine Gold" collection shall we?

Facefront's description of the collection:"Ouro Fino is Portugese for "Fine Gold." This delicate collection is finely milled and infused with small 24 K gold nano-particles, imported from Peru. The set consists of 5 Artistic Pigments, 1 Blush, 4 Bronzers and 2 Lipglosses. These products are never tested on animals and are cruelty free."

Blush and Bronzer
From left to right: Rewrite Pink, Third Kiss and Loco Cocoa
Re-write Pink ($15.00) is a mineralized blush. It looks beautiful on the skin and gives the cheek a natural healthy glow. It's pigmented so a light hand will go a long way with this product.
Third Kiss and Loco Cocoa are rocket bronzers($17.50.) Facefront describes Third Kiss as a steel finish (to me it's finish is similar to a satin eyeshadow.) Loco Cocoa is a warm matte bronzer. For my skin tone I prefer the Loco Cocoa, once blended out it gives a healthy glow. Third kiss doesn't look so good on my skin but I can imagine it working for skin tones that aren't so melanin challenged.

Artistic Pigments
From left to right: Amarela, Retro-Robotic Violeta, Octopus Ink, Shadow Keeper and Nylon Garden (All of these were swatched over a primer)
Amarela ($15.50) is a steel finish pigment. The color is a little sheer for me but the yellow really showcases the gold particles beautifully. It will need a base/primer to achieve the color in the jar.
Retro-Robotic Violeta ($15.50) is also a steel finish. This one was hard to photograph correctly but it's a nice mauvy purple that sparkles on the lid.
Octopus Ink ($10.50) is a semi-matte. This black is super black with a multi-colored glitter living happily among the darkness. Again my camera couldn't do justice to this one. I found it a little hard to work with as is the case with most mattes. With the proper base I think it would look amazing.
Shadow Keeper ($15.50) is another steel finish and is one of my favorites from this collection. I would describe it as a dirty purple that reflects a light pink. BEAUTIFUL!
Nylon Garden ($15.50) is, yes you guessed it, also a steel finish pigment. It's similar to MAC's Sumptuous Olive but a tad bit more green. I love this one too.

Artistic Pigments
From Left to Right: Rabid Volcano, Tigresa Morpheta and Early Spring
Rabid Volcano ($10.50) is a pewter finish pigment. It's lovely in the jar and lovely on the eye. It's not incredibly unique color.
Tigresa Morpheta ($10.50) is AMAZING! This color is a steel finish and would KILL on blue eyes. This is my number one favorite out of the whole bunch.
Early Spring ($10.50) is a pretty unique color. It's a steel finish and looks like a muted turquoise. You will definitely need a base with it because it can come off sheer.

All in all I'm impressed with the quality of Facefront products. I like the Artistic Pigments. I think the eyeshadows are the real star of the show.

What would I recommend and why?
Tigresa Morphesa- It's a beautiful metallic orange that makes blue eyes pop
Shadow Keeper- I love that it looks like a dark purple but reflects a light pink
Nylon Garden- Olive greens always capture my my attention
Loco Cocoa- It's a matte bronzer that works on my pasty skin... YES!
Re-write Pink- This one is pigmented but if used lightly will give a natural result.

Facefront can be found at select retailers and online at


  1. i so would love to try that pink , very pretty

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