Thursday, March 24, 2011

NARS Copacabana Illuminator Review

I was browsing Sephora as I often do out of boredom and came across this product from NARS. A liquid illuminator. Hmm ok I'll bite.

What it is:
A multifunctional face product that gives skin a refreshed luminosity.
What it does:
This light reflecting liquid glides on to refresh and enhance the complexion, creating a shimmering incandescence. Wear it alone, or pair it with makeup to transform your skin from ordinary to extraordinary.
Price: $29
Size: 1.2 oz

Do I like it: Yes
Would I buy it again: Yes but I doubt I will need to for a long time considering the size
-Easy to work with and blend into the skin
-Leaves a pearly finish
-Only takes a little
-Price, like most NARS products it's a bit expensive and I'm not convinced that I couldn't find an equal illuminator for less
-In outdoor/natural lighting it can look a bit glittery


  1. I don't know if they are any where near dupes but elf's shimmering facial whip in lilac petal looks very similar to this and it is only $1 :D

  2. Thanks Melanie! I'll check it out next time I order from elf.

  3. I have to agree with Melanie I have the elf also and they look very similar.

  4. Hey thanks for this review I keep wanting to try Nars stuff although it is quite expensive here in Ireland, But people keep posting up dupes. I have to Elf products that apparantly are good dupes for Nars Orgasm blush. I love your YouTube videos by the way so full of colour.


  5. I absolutely love this illuminator. I use it mixed with my foundation, or as a highlight. It lasts all day, basically until I take it off!

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