Thursday, May 6, 2010

Rocker Eyes with Raving Beauty Cosmetics

Up on the agenda today we have ROCKER eyes! I absolutely love dark intense smoky eyes... oh those lucky rockers. And you can't have rocker eyes without eyeliner... it's a rock essential. I also think of metallics, so I have incorporated them all into this look. So let's get down to the product breakdown...

MAC Kohl Power Eyeliner in Feline- I used this as a base because of it's insane pigmentation. It's the best black eyeliner I have. The downfall is that is smears like a motherfrencher. It is limited edition but in reality any soft black eyeliner would work. Check out my last post to grab some tips on using eyeliners.

Raving Beauty Loose Mineral Eyeshadows

Exotic Bloom- A medium pink with a pink/purple duochrome. This is a great dupe of MAC's pink pearl pigment. Other colors that are comparable: Ben Nye's Cosmic Violet, MAC's Stars and Rockets and Urban Decay's Fishnet.

Haitian Flower- A true hot pink with a hint of shimmer. This is comparable to MAC's Post Haste eyeshadow except for the finish. Post Haste is a matte and Haitian Flower is a shimmer.

Carbon- A matte black. This shadow is super pigmented and works great wet as an eyeliner.

Silver- A gorgeous silver! This shadow is super sparkly and works really well as an inner corner highlight.

Find Raving Beauty here

Wet N' Wild Color Icon Palette in Lust

I used the cream color in the palette as a highlight. This is a wonderful little palette and there are many dupes for MAC eyeshadows in it. You can find these at most drugstores.

Rimmel's Lipcolor in Airy Fairy

A lot of you have heard of Rimmel's Airy Fairy, if not I highly recommend it. It is a gorgeous pink gold color and it doesn't dry out lips. It also lasts fairly long and it's quickly become my favorite go-to lipstick. It can be found at most drugstores that carry Rimmel.

Stila's Lipglaze in Kitten

This is also a pink gold color. It is easily dupeable but I like the formulation of Stila's lipglazes. They aren't sticky or thick. Kitten is available in Sephora and Ulta.


  1. i love love your work!your so talented and you have a very sweet energy about you!

  2. This is really pretty. :) It's so cool that you have a blog now, too!

  3. I need to get my hands on Haitian Flower...only because I'm Haitian lol. I love this look!

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  6. I bought Nyx pigments and I lost my make up creativity. So I found your tutorials at Youtube and I'm having fun! These weekend I tried two of them and it was so funny and beautiful!!!

    Is your dog's name Bowie?

    Lovin' your blog!